WATERVERSE Project - Exploitation Feedback Survey

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WaterVerse Project - Exploitation Feedback Survey
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Information and Consent

Target responders: Water Utilities/Operators and Water Development Authorities, Policy and Decision-making and/or Governmental Organizations for Water Development, Water Emergency Response Units, Professionals/Technology Providers/Innovation Companies specializing in the Water Domain and working with data, Innovation Hubs and Networks/Clusters, Regulatory Bodies and Consultants in water data. Additionally, the project welcomes participation from any other relevant organizations (e.g., Research Centres and Universities), citizen initiatives or individuals associated with the water domain.


Thank you for choosing to dedicate your time to participate in this survey, conducted within the framework of the WATERVERSE project. Your involvement is pivotal to advancing the objectives and anticipated outcomes of the project.


WATERVERSE is an EU-funded project aimed at developing a Water Data Management Ecosystem (WDME) for making data management practices and resources in the water sector accessible, affordable, secure, fair, and easy to use.
The Water Data Management Ecosystem will improve usability of data and the interoperability of data-intensive processes, thus lower the entry barrier to data spaces, enhance the resilience of water utilities and boosting the perceived value of data and therefore the market opportunities behind it.


For your involvement in this survey, you will be required to provide certain data and information, the processing of which will adhere strictly to the requirements stipulated by the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), as well as in alignment with the ethical and data management policies of the project. Ensuring data protection stands as a paramount concern within the WATERVERSE project, underscoring its commitment to achieving the project's objectives and anticipated outcomes.


Participation in the survey is entirely voluntary. Your responses will be treated with utmost confidentiality and will exclusively serve the survey's designated purposes. Information pertaining to the project's outcomes will be communicated to you through subsequent dissemination and communication activities associated with the WATERVERSE project.

Please, read the Data Protection Notice and provide your explicit consent before moving to the survey content.




The survey requires approximately 15 minutes to be completed.



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