Our WQeMS project listed in the "Cyprus Space Strategy 2022-2027"

By gmilis, 6 September, 2022

The Cyprus Space Strategy 2022-2027 is a document developed by the Department of Electronic Communications of the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy and aims to structure and coordinate the space ecosystem of Cyprus and demonstrate the willingness of the stakeholders to work together for the strengthening of the national space ecosystem.

As detailed in the document, Cyprus gives emphasis in satellite communications, earth observation applications, climate and atmosphere research, space navigation, and the enhancement of relations with International Organizations of which ESA is considered as a key enabler.

The primary objective is to create a robust and sustainable national space ecosystem, to tackle the relevant challenges and position Cyprus in the international space map. To this end, Cyprus will leverage the EU investments related to Earth Observation (EO) applications and strive to commercialize the research performed and exploit the EO data produced. Cyprus has one of the best climate conditions for earth observation, therefore, the local community believes we can effectively secure funds and attract investments in this sector.

As part of the local innovation ecosystem, our company actively participates in local and EU research and innovation initiatives. Our WQeMS project (Copernicus Assisted Lake Water Quality Emergency Monitoring Service) is listed in the Cyprus Space Strategy as one of the few EU-funded projects related to Earth Observation, in which members of the Cyprus ecosystem participate. 

In addition, in the framework of the strategy, a space technologies cluster will be formed, with representatives from the public organisations, academia and industry. This cluster will be involved in the coordination and governance of space-related programmes and activities at a national and international level. PHOEBE has applied to contribute actively in this cluster, as an individual industrial player, but also as a member of the Cyprus Association of Research and Innovation Enterprises (CARIE).


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